Franka Maria Andoh

Who owns this place?

I wanted to be a lawyer. In 1988, I got on a plane with twenty pounds and found myself in England, working in a council restaurant as a catering assistant. I scrubbed pots that weighed more than I did and my fingers suffered from a combination of charred baked beans and silver sponges. I hated it! I fancied myself as a sales consultant on London’s Oxford Street splashing perfume and powdering noses. That seemed much more glamorous, much more me, than making trifles and little sandwiches for council members. But I had my school fees to pay, rent to cover and now I realise that sometimes in life, we are not where we think we deserve to be. It only makes sense much later.

This is the abridged version of how I’ve ended up making a living out of these very sandwiches, and when I feel like it, I make a mean trifle. My business allows me to express my creativity in a myriad of ways. I am a writer, the Founder and Editor in Chief of AWE Magazine, I also work with esteemed photographer Steve Ababio as a food stylist and dabble in interior design.

I am extremely passionate about my business and I’d like to think this comes through when you experience Cuppa Cappuccino. There is a real sense of where it has come from, where it is, after almost sixteen years and with its elegant new look, there is no doubt where it is going.