About Cuppa Cappuccino

1994 Accra No real coffee shop Opportunity Bright Idea Cuppa Cappuccino

Cuppa Cappuccino was created with people in mind. It’s a space that allows you to be yourself. It’s perfect for group gatherings and people who like to be in their own company once in a while or often. It’s great for couples, a perfect zone to have intimate conversation and slightly rowdy baby showers with excited mums to be and friends cooing over baby gifts and pink or blue cupcakes.

It’s green! So green the building seems to be embraced by the trees and flourishing plants in front. The pebbled frontage makes the transition from the street into the shop seamless.

Then you enter and the new look Cuppa Cappuccino embraces you. Yellow ochre walls with fun circles and a yummy chocolate brown contrast creates visual excitement and interest.

The retro red coffee machine sits atop the counter, a symbol of what the shop stands for — quality meals and giant cappuccinos.

The main restaurant area has been re-decorated in an eclectic mix of new and refurbished furniture. The business, true to its Ghanaian heritage celebrates a look that is contemporary and Afrocentric. An old radio sits in the corner and the soft curtains create a homey comfortable look that makes it extra hard for clients to leave.